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CHRIS W. Job Checkin

PSI 55. All toilets are original from 1997 and need attention soon. We already did a major rebuild on master bathroom toilet because of a leak. Water heater is from 2007 and built into a small room. In order to remove and install new water heater a wall must be cut out. All else seems well at this time. Customer does not want to do any work at this time.


WILLIAM H. Job Checkin

I preformed a major rebuild on the master water closet. One year warranty n the job.


MAHMOUD Z. Job Checkin

Returned to job and wife was home. Entered the bathroom across from the stair case leading to basement and cut hole in ceiling drywall located above door. Visible was a 1/2” copper 90 that lead to the 2nd level lavatory faucet that was leaking. I remove the section of copper pipe and fitting. My prep to solder included cutting the extra spray foam and putting fire resistant mesh around my work area and cleaning the excess drt wall. I soldered a new connection and tested for leaks. The flow test proved no leaks. REMODELING: The customer was worried about some mold growth that was all around the ceiling of said bathroom as well as the water damage clearly visible to the bathroom and underlying ceiling of the basement. I informed her that a team would be able to take an assessment of the work required via my pictures and come up with a price for the work. Bathroom 2 walls and the ceiling - as well as water damage to the wood. Basement: ceiling and floor boards