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Sort of Dependable and not really


First want to make clear that the repair person who came out was very nice, courteous, and knowledgeable. This review is not a reflection of his work. For a company called Dependable, I would expect more of the dependability and less of the haphazard flakiness. Our appointment was originally setup by Frigidair warranty people. The day Dependable was supposed to show up, I get a call to tell me that they have me on the schedule but no time slot for me, and hence they have to come another day. Thanks, because we all stay at home all the time, and take time from work to wait for them. Scheduled it for 4 days later. it was clear in the repair request that the ice maker was not working. The repair guy comes out, looks at it, says yep the motor is burnt and ice make is not working... but oh I don't have one, so we have to order it... Great so now I have to wait yet again, and take yet again another day from work to wait for them. Almost two weeks later, and another day home from work later, guy shows up with ice maker, puts it in, took all of 10 minutes and its fixed. For a company with the name Dependable, it's really laughable. 3 days home from work, for them to fix something that took 10 minutes. Should have been done in one trip, the first time, especially considering that they had 100 of those ice makers in stock at the warehouse. Waste of time. I wouldn't call them to use them on my own. I had to use them because Frigidaire uses them... come to think of it, I don't think I'll use Frigidaire again either because that fridge is only 5 months old and already broke once.