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Tim (red haired gentleman) - the technician that you sent to my home came earlier than expected. My appointment was set up for afternoon but I received a call from the tech saying he was on his way in the 8 o clock hour. I told him No! that was too early and I had booked the appointment for 12 to 6pm time. He said he still needed to come earlier and I agreed he could come at 10 am even though that was still inconvenient for me. Next when he arrived he was not able to find the leak with the dishwasher. He did patiently wait and watch the dishwasher for a leak. I will give him that much. However, I specifically asked him "twice" to pull the dishwasher away from the wall so I could see and photograph any damage the water leakage had done to my drywall behind the dishwasher. He told me. "I'm not pulling it away from the wall." asked him why not. He pretty much just didn't want to. So he left a short while after that without being able to give me any answers about my machine leaking. I let him know I would ask Lowes to send out another tech from a different company to give me answers. The adjuster (Tim Smartt) came after he left and he ran the dishwasher to look for leaks and also pulled it from the wall for me to see the water line on the drywall and take photos. Two days later (on today (11/9/2017) a better technician, an older gentleman, also named Tim, from Circle K Appliances came and ran the dishwasher twice. Water was already on the floor from the slow leak caused by running it on tuesday. So basically the leak was a slow leak after the dishwasher had run. The leak is in the water flow valve. So your tech wasted my time and upset me and you need to explain to him this: 1. It's a privilege to go into customers homes because you are a stranger. 2. You need to do any and all reasonable things requested by the customer to complete the job. My asking Tim to move the dishwasher away from the wall was not only a reasonable request but was well within his capabilities. 3. The only reason he did not want to move the dishwasher was because he was either being lazy or felt since it wasn't leaking at that moment so no new information could be gained from moving it for me. I am on disability as I told him an unable to move it and put it back myself so I needed his assistance. However, he didn't show me the common courtesy to do that and therefore made our meeting awkward and unpleasant for me. I deserved better. 4. Not only would I not recommend him to anyone I know - I also would not recommend your company (as Dependable) because of him. Especially when another Tim from another company came in here and respected me enough to do what I asked without a fuss or attitude. He should be retrained in customer services. There's a wise old saying that helps companies stay in business: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!! We know it doesn't mean that exactly but it does mean that you make the customer feel that way so you can keep up a good business relationship. 5. Maybe he was in a hurry to get to his next job but even so that does not negate the services I am entitled to. 6. I am not sure if Lowes has to pay you all for coming out but they shouldn't. I told them what happened which is why they sent out the Circle K technician whom they should actually pay for doing a superb job. Your company was not dependable to me. I do however, appreciate you asking for a survey because that shows me at least you care about customers and are seeking to improve where you can. In the future respect people's time. I made the appointment for a time it was convenient for me. But your tech made it about what he needed to do and where he needed to be next. Lastly, once inside our homes do things that are reasonable if asked. Sliding the dishwasher out so I could take pics of and see behind it after suffering with 2 week old, funky standing water and flooding in my kitchen was within reason. The good news is he is young and still has time to learn and change, adjust his attitude - well perhaps! Thank you Ms Shelia