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bad business practice


I contacted a1 garage door service to see about repair to my garage door, on 2/20/2020 a technician W. Brandon came out and after reviewing my doors condition advised that I should have it replaced. The technician advised that I would have to pay half down and half when the door was installed, he wrote the work order, the door $1498.46 with a discount for new door install -$200.00, then new door upgrade $162.23- for springs and ball bearing roller, a full frameout $231.75, for total $1692.44 less down payment $846.22. This is listed in invoice for project 127171116, then a second document was provided job #127028776, New Door Agreement- Are We Painting your garage door? Yes, I have to provide the paint. Will my new door match my other doors? Yes- it may not match due to weathering. What about color? Will that match? Customer understands a perfect color match may be inpossible Yes. Make room for us- clear area for install, if they have to reschedule will be $90 service fee, Yes I understand needs to be cleared. On 3/19/20 door was installed and balance was paid. When I came home from work I had a White double garage door-it was not painted, so I called and provided the rep the contents of the original documents sent 2/20 and the response was – I guess your getting your door painted. The company set up a painter and that was completed within a week. Then I received an invoice for $180 for the painting of my door. Then the company sent out another invoice, showing the original date that added painting 2 car garage $180.25 with that as a new balance due of the $180.25. the signature is not mine and this is clearly an attempt to charge me without providing me this was a fee that would be billed. I should have had the rep tell me when I called to complain that my door was not painted, “something like that is a fee- you will have to pay $$ to get that done” or a notice that all invoices are not correct, and to get that done would be more money. I would have paid my son to paint the door for $30 and he is a painter, I was not willing to pay $180.25 for this surprise billing. Now the company has changed the invoice, attempting to make it look like I knew about the charges, when I have both the original invoice and the “duplicated adjusted invoice”. I made a payment for $45.25 on 4/4/20 and they continue to bill me for the balance. I feel this is a bad business practice, I was not billed originally and by the company altering the original invoice they are now on my “Never do business with this Company List”.