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Ace Pelizon Plumbing will remove the over flow cover to see if we can snake it out. If this works then there will be no further work needed at this time. If after snaking the drain the tub is still backing up we will then have to crawl under home and remove existing P-trap and tub waste an overflow to get whatever is caught inside of that trap or Santee out and replace with new toe touch tub waste and overflow and the flow. We were unsuccessful on being able to remove debris inside of bathtub drain line. We believe there’s an obstruction inside the P-trap. This home is on the raise foundation so we will crawl underneath cut out existing P-trap and remove tub waste an overflow in preparation for installation of new P-trap and tub waste an overflow. Once we have replaced P-trap and tub waste an overflow we will run water to ensure line is clear. Will clean area very thoroughly. Proposal to follow.