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Bryan B.

Bryan B.

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Ace Pelizon Plumbing arrived at location and found upstairs toilet leaking into the downstairs bathroom when upstairs toilet is flushed. We tried to turn angle stop off to upstairs toilet and it was frozen so we gave customer options and they chose to replace angle stop and reset toilet. We turned water off to home and drained system. We then remove frozen angle stop and install new quarter turn angle stops with new supply line. We remove toilet and install new wax gasket with flange extension. The tile upstairs is severely offset that is the likely cause of the wax gasket gone that quickly. This is just the tenant but explain to him that we cannot warrantee is called due to offset tile he is going to contact the homeowner and let them known. If toilet happens to leak again next step will be contacting the home owner and have them fix the subfloor and tile before we will be able to reset the toilet