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Christopher  C.

Christopher C.

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Price includes all parts labor and tax Dig at foundation of home to find 3/4 poly water main and repair Upon arrival customer explained that they had to have city turn water off to home because of a leak in yard I turned meter on and water started shooting out of ground and foundation With customer approval I dug up and foundation of home and exposed waterline found that route her grew across the top of it pushing it down causing it to Rupture cut line outside of crawlspace foundation and then went inside of crawlspace and cut line push new piece of pipe through Foundation of home and reconnected in crawlspace with new shut off valve and then went outside of connected new pecks pipe to poly line and ground Turn water back on to home make sure there was no leaks customer also made me aware that inspector when they bought the home and stated that their water pressure was 100 psi I checked pressure at both hise bibs and at both it was 70 psi customer showed me Picture from inspector