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Nick P.

Nick P. Job Checkin

-Full diagnostic on electric water heater consisting of ohms@ elements/voltage/continuity/amp draw/thermostats Once issue is discovered upfront repair pricing will be provided -replace upper and lower thermostat On today’s visit the customer made me aware that the water heater was not producing hot water and this started happening Sunday night. At that time I gave the customer an upfront price to diagnose the water heater and I found it to be receiving proper 240 V/19 amp draw/12 ohms/and proper continuity although the thermostats did not test proper especially considering that the breaker had tripped at the power panel and the reset button did not. Then gave the customer multiple options and upfront pricing consisting of a new water heater all the way down to the repair and for today she had me replace the upper and lower thermostat. After I replace the thermostat I tested voltage again as well as could hear the water heater heating properly and inform them they should have consist

Nathan K.

Nathan K. Job Checkin

At this time I’ve provided upfront pricing options for the customer he is choosing to go with option one which I’ve emailed him the option for him to sign, after talking with the homeowner I’m doing my inspection of the water heater this Bradford white water heater is beyond repair as well as the parts to get this are limited to nine according to the supply house so the homeowner has chose to go with getting a new tankless water heater installed, I have called the supply house to get the water heater on order once the invoice is signed the office will contact the homeowner for scheduling

Nathan K.

Nathan K. Job Checkin

Upon arrival to the home the customer stated he was experiencing a sewer smell located in the backyard of the home at first we walked the leach field to see if there was any water standing for a sign of a possible break in the pipe but after walking the Leitchfield nothing was broken at this time I return back to the septic tank where I removed the riser lids off the septic tank to begin my inspection, I did find out the seal that goes around the lid on the pump tank was missing and had fallen into the tank when the lid was previously reinstalled, at this time I informed the customer that and reinstalled that seal around the tank lid, after reinstalling the seal I put the bolts back in the lid because everything was functioning properly with the pump, and I also inspected the tank which everything is functioning properly as well, the customer did state that the toilet was bubbling but that was due to a double flushing when he rebuilt the toilets I’ve also taken a look at that the custo

Jeremy S.

Jeremy S. Job Checkin

Upon arrival I spoke with the homeowner over the phone he explained me the issue that he was having, after further evaluation of the issue I made homeowner aware of that we could have one of the camera and sewer specialist come out on Monday between 8 to 12 to come and camera the Leitchfield line because the Leitchfield is not taking water properly, the homeowner stated that that would be fine, after signature approval i then began to pump the tank clean and clear of any liquids or solids, after completion of pumping the tank I then cleaned up all tools and materials. - pump up to 1000 gallons

Nathan K.

Nathan K. Job Checkin

Cut out and remove old toilet flange in master bath and replace with new flange Includes 1 year membership Upon arrival customer stated that he had pulled that downstairs master bath toilet and noticed the flange was cracked. Also noticed before he pulled it that he had bubbling in the toilet when he would flush. Also noticed other drains in house were acting up. Also showed me under kitchen sink had S trap and was leaking. Pulled both septic tank lids and noticed tanks were full. Scheduled time for Jeremy to come out between 12-5 on 8/23 to give quote to pump tank and inspect for possible issues because tank had just been pumped 1 year prior. Gave customer multiple options on repair of flange and kitchen sink drainage lines. Customer went with flange repair. Cut out and removed old flange, installed new flange, tying onto pipe in crawl space. Secured flange with screws to floor. Includes 1 year service plan.

Nathan K.

Nathan K. Job Checkin

Includes diagnosing all above ground well components Offer up front pricing for repairs at that time Pull well up to 300ft. to diagnose no water issue Offer up front pricing for repairs at that time Replace aging well pump Shock system with chlorine Reassemble, and test system 90 day warranty We were called out to investigate a no water issue. It is a 1/2 hp pump, approximately 150 feet deep, on a 30/50 switch. The pressure tank read 28 empty, and the switch cycled at the appropriate times. After discussing with the homeowner, and looking over the system, we found no above ground issues. The pump cycled normally through 5 or so cycles before stopping. This has reportedly been happening for a couple weeks. After clearing all above ground components, we were forced to pull the pump in order to investigate further. We found that the nearly 8 year old pump showed clear evidence that it is failing. After offering the homeowner several options, we agreed on replacing the 1/2 hp pump, a

Christopher  C.

Christopher C. Job Checkin

Leak repair Timberlake NC Upon arrival customer explained that he was hanging a shelf in the bathroom above the tub and hit a water line after looking I found it was the hot line coming off the bathtub with customer approval I cut hole in pipe out and was able to pull enough slack up and only had to use 1 coupling after pipe was back together had customer turn water back on to home and I found no other leaks

Shawn C.

Shawn C. Job Checkin

Installing a new well system