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Keith R.

Keith R. Job Checkin

Performed air duct cleaning and sanitation on a 2 bedroom single system house. All vents and ductwork are clear of dust and debris at this time. System is functioning properly at this time. Recommend duct cleaning every 3-4 years. Thank you for your business! Customer paid in advance.

Frank B.

Frank B. Job Checkin

Performed preventative maintenance for gas furnace. Customer mentioned the system not maintaining set temperature all the time. Inspected all the electrical components. Confirmed proper high and low voltages. Replaced the air filter due to the customer installed filter that while it was new was way too restrictive for this system. Heat was exceeding 200°F which is over the max design temperature. Once I installed our 16x25x1 air filter the system maintained standard system supply temperature of 136°. Inspected gas piping for any leaks. Tested the blower and inducer amp draw. Both were operating within manufacturer specs. Performed a combustion analysis on the furnace. System is operating at 80.4% efficiency with a CO level of 16ppm. Cleaned the burners, flame sensor and burner compartment. Flame sensor was also very dark from carbon. If problem happens again it could be flame sensor. In my opinion it was over heating due to new filter too restrictive though. System is operating properl

Keith R.

Keith R. Job Checkin

Performed rooftop dryer vent cleaning from inside using brushes. Dryer vent, Duct, flex hose ,lint trap and rear of dryer are all clear of lint and debris at this time. Dryer is functioning properly at this time. Recommend dryer vent cleaning every 1-2 years. Thank you for your business!

Paul T.

Paul T. Job Checkin

Performed preventative maintenance for a carrier furnace. I observed the system starting normally. The supply temp is at 128°F. The blower motor amp draw is within normal range. I observed the system shut down normally. Checked all electrical components needed for heating. Evaporator coil is clean. Drain line is clear of clogs. Replaced the air filter size 14x20x1. Condenser coil's are clean. Amp draws are 5.6 for the compressor and .3 for the fan. Refrigerant pressures are within normal range for the outdoor temperature. The system is operating properly at this time.

Anthony  C.

Anthony C. Job Checkin

Attempted to perform preventative maintenance on Carrier Heat Pump. Outside unit is on the roof for this apartment/condo complex. PA talked to homeowner on rescheduling the maintenance due to not having an extension ladder to complete the Maintenance. System has a 14x20x1 air filter that will need to be replaced on the rescheduled visit as well. PA will contact office on rescheduling this maintenance appointment and more details.