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Donald  S.

Donald S. Job Checkin

At this time system is heating as it should. Head unit in bedroom was set to cool while other units where set to heat. Pressures where 175/325 while testing system and system defrosted properly. Temperature outside durring testing was 48 degrees, inside house was 72 when tech finished testing heat System was also tested in cooling and had no issue staying within normal parameters. Pressure sensor is correctly connected , compressor sensor tested good, and the pcba operated as it should. At this time system has operated heating, cooling and defrost as it should.

Luis R.

Luis R. Job Checkin

Tech found code ch35 indicating condenser cut off low pressure tech put gauges and found standing pressure at 156/156 once engaged on cool pressure lowered to 96/189 then fluctuated from 96 to 107 then back down unit ran for 15 min the cut out tech believes a failed metering Device tech called office and scheduled a 2nd opinion from senior tech

Kenny C.

Kenny C. Job Checkin

Performed ESA, recommended surge protection.

Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech preformed CMA Inspection on 9 split systems and 1 dehumidifier. Tech has attached diagnostic report to invoice. Tech has also attached estimates for any needed repairs.