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Matthew L.

Matthew L. Job Checkin

Upon arrival tech found system with a compressor contractor fault dated for 5/28, the day before last visit. The thermostat was found to be blank, tech found the auxiliary drain pan full and pan switch tripped. Tech removed water from auxiliary pan and cleared fault. System cycled came on and ran with no challenges. Tech installed drain on the auxiliary pan and ran outside the building. Tech collected operating information of system. Tech only seen a few drops of water from air cabinet when unit was cycled off. Tech did find some insulation curled up in corner near drain of air handler. There was some water droplets on the filters, tech lowered blower capacity from 75% to 70% to decrease coil temperature, to help condensation adhere to coil.

David  S.

David S. Job Checkin

-Found system showing diagnostic error for broken blower belt again. -Examined parameters on VFD and found RPM set wrong according to motor data plate. Corrected parameter and observed motor torque readings. Verified findings versus prior RPM settings to confirm this was causing torque readout to go out of spec and cause error code. -Issue with error code should now be resolved. Install supervisor will follow up throughout the week. If problem persists throughout the weekend, install supervisor will schedule a call Tuesday.

Romario  T.

Romario T. Job Checkin

Found alert code on the VFD board indicating a “broken belt alarm”. Belt is good and tension as well. Went spoke with our install supervisor about the findings and ended up increasing the tolerance level of the “broken belt” parameter 22-61. Factory setting is 10%. Tech tested the system afterwards in cooling and waited for it to reach set temperature at the thermostat. Indoor blower torque range stayed between 130-140% operating at full speed. System was tested from the thermostats from “off” to “cool” multiple times and system started up without challenges. Covered under install warranty. Split system for the break room is still down for now. Thermostat temp went from 75 to 73 degrees during cooling.

Romario  T.

Romario T. Job Checkin

System short cycling upon arrival. Found the smoke detector tripped upon arrival on the new Symbio split system. Check wiring for tightness and reset the smoke detector. System started up without challenges. Smoke detectors do have resistors. System on the other side of the building is also operating. Tech spoke with the install supervisor about the findings and was informed that new smoke detectors are being quoted by Colby, smoke detector on the other older unit is not connected. Tech by passed the emergency stop at the Symbio control board for the time being until the smoke detectors get replaced. Wires hanging from the ceiling were also strapped up and not hanging. Tech noticed the compressor not engaging for the break room and found a tripped breaker at the panel located in The electrical room. R22 Compressor is seized up. Carrier split system is down. Tech wrote the information of the unit on paper and uploaded it on file. Split system for the break room is down for now. Colby w