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Matthew L.

Matthew L. Job Checkin

Tech confirmed split system 13 is void of refrigerant. Tech also found mini split 2 to be not cooling due to being void of refrigerant. Jeff Cupp approved both leak searches. Tech found mini split 2 liquid line leaking from flare joint where it connects to outdoor unit. Tech inspected flare and found it good. Tightened until flare no longer leaks. Left nitrogen pressure on system as pressure test for ten minutes. Mini split passed nitrogen pressure test. System needs vacuum procedure and 2.5 lbs of R410a. Quoted $716.59 including tax over the phone to evacuate and recharge mini split 2. Locked out with nitrogen in system for now. Jeff Cupp wants repair proposal emailed. Tech added nitrogen pressure to system 13 and heard valve core on true suction line to be leaking. Tightened valve core and ensured valve core is no longer leaking. Saw nitrogen pressure still falling. Tech found no further leaks inside outdoor unit 13. Tech leak searched indoor air handler 13 and confirmed aluminu

David  S.

David S. Job Checkin

Performed cma full service on 19 split systems and 2 mini split systems. AHU-2: Maintenance stated that thermostat does not operate with batteries removed. Found transformer not providing low voltage as appropriate. System will not operate until transformer is replaced. Provided estimate for replacement of transformer $308.96. HP-3: Rough sound from compressor. Recommend refrigerant check on system. AHU-4: Found variable speed blower motor not operational. Motor burned up due to debris clogging wheel and preventing spinning. Pricing tbd by office. Approximate cost $2860.90. HP-4: Hard lockout. Likely result of overheating due to lack of air flow. HP-5: outdoor fan capacitor tested weak. Provided estimate for replacement of capacitor $196.98. AHU-6: Found proper 24 volts in unit running to nearby fire alarm system junction box. No voltage returning from junction box. Fire alarm company should be contacted to diagnose system. Not operational until fire alarm has been diagnosed and

Michael H.

Michael H. Job Checkin

Found new Goodman condenser not running. Tech diagnosed the condensate pump faulty. Tech replaced the condensate pump under installation warranty. System is back up and running. Old system for upstairs blower is running, however the condensing unit has no power and disconnect is padlocked. The compressor tested shorted to ground. Recommend upgrading system due to age and repair cost. Customer would like a estimate on replacing upstairs system and upgrading the 2 downstairs systems. The use of mini splits is optional.

Donald  S.

Donald S. Job Checkin

System TA2F hp 6 is dirty from being in proximity to dryer vent also appears to be low on 410a 1/6 hp condenser motor amps are high 1.2/1.3. System is 12 years old with it also dealing with the additional stress of being under commercial dryer vents . Recommend getting estimate to replace. Hp5 will need new fan and fan blade Hp4 is fully operational at this time Mini split 1 and 2 condenser units working good at this time. Hp 2 has no low voltage, wired in condensing unIt has corroded wires. Tech snipped wire and made fresh connections to help diagnose issue later .

Donald  S.

Donald S. Job Checkin

System mini splits are functioning as they should . Cooling and pumps are both working correctly Confirmed with sales that units in show room are working explained thermostat to them

Randy K.

Randy K. Job Checkin

#7. Comp #1 void R410a.

Joshua W.

Joshua W. Job Checkin

Tech is servicing a Sterling gas heater.

Kevin B.

Kevin B. Job Checkin


Romario  T.

Romario T. Job Checkin

Tech serviced a Split system.

David C.

David C. Job Checkin


Campbell  C.

Campbell C. Job Checkin

Performed tune up on three systems.

Anthony  B.

Anthony B. Job Checkin

Kyle W.

Kyle W. Job Checkin

Randy K.

Randy K. Job Checkin

Inspect 6 Trane heat pumps, gas package unit, 2 Mitsubishi mini splits, changed filters, diagnosed bad circuit board #1, bad heat strip #3

Randy K.

Randy K. Job Checkin

Replace 4 heat limit switches