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Any business serving clients, patients, or customers at the local level.

This would include local service-area businesses such as electricians, plumbers, caterers, roofers, landscapers, exterminators, and more.

This also includes local brick-and-mortar businesses such as auto repair shops or dealerships, dental practices, restaurants, health clubs, dance studios, and more.

And it includes businesses that mix going to customers, having customers come to them, or serving customers at other locations. These businesses would include attorneys, real-estate agents, financial planners, and more.

What matters is that they serve customers at the local level, and are looking to build rankings and reputation at the local level. So it includes individual local businesses, but also brands, networks, or franchisors made up of local affiliates.

Finally, under our reseller program and integration agreements, this includes the marketing agencies, web development companies, software companies, and platforms who in turn serve local businesses and brands with local presence.

We are currently fully supported for clients across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Our management team brings deep experience delivering business and consumer solutions in local marketing, finance & payments, customer analytics, business process, and more.

We believe in developing technology solutions that are honest, transparent, and help businesses build their online reputation.

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