How It Works

Nearby Now enables local businesses to create more rich local content and drive leads across the areas they serve.

Checkin describing every client interaction -- including optional photos or videos, and the location of the job. Ask customers for reviews via SMS, email, or voice and receive reviews 40% of the time.

Perfect schema on every checkin and every review delivers content, media, and location exactly the way the web crawlers prefer -- and streaming this content to hyperlocal city pages on the local businesses' own web site ensures they get the credit directly.

The result?

More content, better content, better schema, more social proof, in more locations. Deliver better local rankings for your local business clients on their own web sites in every city, town, or suburb where they serve customers.

Who benefits?

All local businesses can benefit. Field service businesses that work at their customers' own location drop the checkin pins, and request reviews, at each stop in their work day. Businesses that serve customers at central brick-and-mortar locations drop the checkin pins out where their customers come from -- and the customer reviews would share those locations. And companies that ship or deliver to their customers can drop the pins at the delivery destination, and the customer reviews would share those locations.

Brands, franchisors, and dealer networks can also benefit -- at the local dealer and affiliate level -- where their local affiliates are themselves local businesses.

Agencies that serve local businesses and multi-location brands can take advantage of full private label versions of Nearby Now, additional volume discounts, and additional management and monitoring tools for their clients, in addition to the power of our API, webhooks, and Zapier integration.

How It Works - Nearby Now Infographic