Nearby Now - Build Local Trust
for Contractors and Service Professionals

Get Connected to Nearby Customers

Nearby Now is the exciting and easy way for contractors to build social proof, extend their local reach, and be discovered by customers who need their services.

Extend Your Local Reach

With Nearby Now, each time you visit a service location, use your phone to mark your territory. With just a few visits to a neighborhood, the Nearby Now map will show you at the top of that neighborhood's Power Index.

New customers who need your services can see that you’re working nearby, and also that you frequently work in their neighborhood. They can even place calls to you right from their web browser!

Build Your Real-Time Service Area

Your frequent visits to a customer's neighborhood automatically builds social proof that you’re a reputable company who is already trusted by their neighbors.

Nearby Now can even embed real-time service area heat maps on your website, so you can show your website visitors an exciting, interactive, real-time map of your service area for each area you feature.

Local Reviews from Happy Customers

You work hard to make your customers happy. Nearby Now makes it easy for them to share their experience with their neighbors, building your local reputation as a quality service pro.

Make getting local reviews from happy customers part of your daily routine - each time you check in at a customer’s location, click a button and Nearby Now will send a customer satisfaction survey to your customer via email or sms (text messaging).

Nearby Now for iPhone Available in Android Market