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Joseph K.

Joseph K. Job Checkin

I arrived to inspect and replace multiple systems located in the drop ceiling of a multiple story system. I first inspected the systems and found that we would have to replace duct along with the systems there self. I suggested to replace the system with multi head mini split systems and avoid having to remove the grid ceiling throughout the building to replace multiple systems. We decided to bid mini splits in all rooms that need a new system. I bid room 6 to have its own system on its own controls. I bid the training room and 4 offices to have there own controlled rooms. We also bid to install a system in the new HS room on its own system. This is 4 separate systems that will take care of 7 rooms. Each room will have its own controls in the same room and every room can be controlled to the likings of the occupiers. Each unit can also be controlled by WiFi of the person that is over the building and can turn off systems when the building is not in use all from their phone. Each system


ISAAC J. Job Checkin

Performed tune up on system for new customer. She was referenced to us by OG&E. I did a thorough inspection of the entire HVAC System. AC and evaporator coil are from 2005 and the heater is from 1980. Customer already changed filter recently. I checked blower operation, evaporator coil, drain, ductwork and overall condition. Checked thermostat operation, wiring, capacitor, contactor, compressor, fan motor, amps, temperatures and pressures of condenser. Contactor was pitted and needed replacement. Customer didn’t want to replace it at this time. Overall system is still operating properly, but I do strongly recommend the system be replaced soon.

Kianoosh M.

Kianoosh M. Job Checkin

Duct cleaning, blower wheel cleaning and evaporator coil cleaning.

Kianoosh M.

Kianoosh M. Job Checkin

Duct cleaning home with floor ducts.

Patrick G.

Patrick G. Job Checkin

AC maintenance

Kianoosh M.

Kianoosh M. Job Checkin

Duct clean return restoration and biological growth remediation.

Estevan S.

Estevan S. Job Checkin

Compressor change out