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Richard S.

Richard S. Job Checkin

Arrived onsite to clients home in millarville to come:Pete plumbing planned service tankless add on Flush system and re cycle test and operate no issues found System in good working condition no recommendations

Sully D.

Sully D. Job Checkin

Upon arrival at Craigs house in Millarville AMA West Craig high asked them if he had any concerns or question is concern in the 80s operation they are gone running the AC for a few days now I proceed it to inspect the air conditioning and and complete the serviceI found that the TX valve is not operating properly operating outside of manufacture specifications the unit is still cooling the home sub cooling is within range but superheat is out by 10° presented option to client to replace the coil client declined at this point


olee@justcallclearview.ca Job Checkin

Arrived at cx's Millersville residence and customers were happy to see me Reviewed with customer work to be done, they assisted in clearing registers of obstruction Began vac setup on supply side blew down the house and trunk line Pulled blower cleaned furnace cabinet Moved to return side and repeated process Ionized multiple areas of house Sanitized venting Wiped all registers Customers are happy

Richard S.

Richard S. Job Checkin

Arrived onsite to clients home in millarville landing to perform heating planned service , plumbing planned service, tankless planned service Shut down system and isolate on demand water heater, flush for approx 45 minutes with recirculating pump. Uninstall pump and flush remainder of solution and sediment out of unit, re pressurize and test for operation no issues found Performed heating planned service, furnace in great working condition however found ducts to have severe build up recommended duct cleaning and clients agreed scheduled for Monday afternoon #t2r (please do not park or set up any equipment on lawn as client has had bad experience in the past) Humidifier pad was also severely built up, recommended replacing and client agreed Swapped out humidifier pad (no warranty on pads needs to be replaced yearly) Provided multiple estimates to help improve indoor air quality to system Aswell and install condensation pump to remove existing drain across middle of floor Perform pl