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Today I came to Victors Airdrie home because the hydronic heating system is not working properly. Upon diagnostic of the system I found it to be in poor condition. The systems design is poor at best and heats up the water only to cool it off. The boiler controller has failed and can not sustain the proper call for heat. The zone controller has also failed and gives a call to heat to the tv room constantly which has caused the zone valve to fail open. The system pump is wired into the boiler pump and runs even when there is no call for heat. The testable back flow valve is leaking. The thermostatic mixing valve no longer works and sends too hot water to the under slab when the temperature is increased. The heat exchanger is badly soiled. There is no water softener in the home and the furnace is from 2004 and is known for secondary heat exchanger issues. Furnace inspection: Upon inspection of the furnace I Tested and adjusted the gas valve, burners, gas pressure and temperature rise.