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david d.

david d. Job Checkin

For expert residential plumbing repair and installation services, trust On Time Plumbing. Whether it's fixing a leaky faucet or installing a new water heater, our experienced technicians are here to help. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs.

david d.

david d. Job Checkin

david d.

david d. Job Checkin

From 04/08/2024 Price Pfister Generic 947-042 Pressure Balance Universal ox8 tub/shower cartridges and stems control the flow of water. If they leak, they should be replaced to help reduce your water bill and prevent possible water damage

david d.

david d. Job Checkin

david d.

david d. Job Checkin

Bret F.

Bret F. Job Checkin

Tub drain clogged and causing bathtub to overflow. Original plan was to jackhammer concrete floor, expose tub drain and rework. Upon further inspection and questioning tech found out that no one had ever snaked the tub drain in an attempt to relieve the clog. Snaked tub drain and relieved clog at about 15 feet in the line. Pulled cable back, let tub drain out and then ran tub/shower faucet to test. Tub/shower draining properly after clog was worked through with cable. Had to reset toilet and wall hung sunk and test. Toilet filling/flushing properly and sink also draining properly

Anthony C.

Anthony C. Job Checkin

Just completed a rewiring job for a client in Kansas City, MO. Upgraded outdated wiring to meet modern safety standards and accommodate increased electrical demands. Took care to do proper installation and minimize disruptions. Now, the electrical system is reliable and ready to power the home efficiently for years to come.

Kevin D.

Kevin D. Job Checkin

Handled a severe drain clog for a valued customer in Kansas City, MO. The issue stemmed from accumulated debris and grease, impeding water flow. Using a plumbing snake, cleared the obstruction within an hour, restoring proper drainage. Customer delighted with the prompt resolution and improved functionality of their plumbing system.

Jake F.

Jake F. Job Checkin

Recently tackled a furnace problem in Kansas City, MO. The client noticed an odd noise from their 15-year-old gas furnace. Found a failing inducer motor responsible. Installed a new, efficient unit, restoring quiet operation and proper ventilation. Conducted thorough tests for safety and efficiency. Now, the gas furnace runs smoothly.

Michael E.

Michael E. Job Checkin

Wrapping up a sewer line issue this morning in Kansas City, MO! The homeowner reported slow drainage and gurgling sounds. Upon inspection, identified a stubborn blockage caused by tree roots infiltrating the pipes. Used a powerful sewer snake to break through the roots, clearing the clog and restoring proper flow. I also conducted additional checks to ensure the system's integrity. Now, the sewer line is free-flowing, and the homeowner can enjoy a smoothly running plumbing system.