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Joseph K.

Joseph K. Job Checkin

I arrived for a blue member ac pm. I first inspected the system located in the attic and found the evaporator coil to be clean but rusted. I also checked all electrical components and found no issues with the indoor system. I then inspected the the conditioner and four the capacitor to be weak and out of manufacture range of operation. I recommended to have the capacitor replaced to prevent a breakdown in the future. The homeowner agrees to the repair and had a $25 coupon. I replaced the capacitor and checked the refegerant charge and all other electrical complaints and for no issues. I inspected the returns filterss and found the washable filters to be extremely clean and in excellent condition. Overall this system is running to the best of of its ability at this time.


ADAM R. Job Checkin

I came out for an airflow issue the north east bedroom is only getting a trickle of air and the attic is staying cool. I checked the entire duct system over. I found a couple issues. The return ducts are undersized for the system. Currently has 3-12” returns, which is only 900cfm and the system needs 1600cfm. The supply plenum has a 10” duct coming off the end of the plenum which is taking most of the air and not allowing the supply plenum to pressurize and disperse the air properly. I recommend increasing the 2 main returns to 16” ducts and moving the duct off the endcap and back on to the top of the plenum.