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To Whom It May Concern, I had massive drain clogs (of extremely stubborn grease) in my plumbing pipes, leading to my septic tank. I had standing water (and human waste) in all of my toilets, and neither my showers nor my sinks would drain properly. So, I called an experienced local plumber (with great online reviews) to help me deal with the situation. However, this (first) plumber was not up to the challenge. (He was unable to resolve the situation, and he misdiagnosed the problem.) Then, I called Duncan Plumbing. Enrique, at Duncan Plumbing, came to my home the very same day that I called to schedule an appointment. In fact, he was at my home (in Bonny Doon) within two hours of my call. It was pouring rain (and hailing) outside, with frigid temperatures. Nevertheless, Enrique got to work right away. He examined the layout of the plumbing pipes in the crawl-space under my home. He removed the covers off of my septic tank risers and examined the capacity, flow-rate and layout of my septic tank. He also evaluated other critical elements, related to my plumbing problems. Then, he provided me with a fair price quote to resolve the situation -- with a number of different options (based on alternative approaches). Enrique worked from 1:30pm to 6:30pm, non-stop -- and, during this process, Enrique demonstrated himself to be highly experienced, and an expert problem-solver (quickly and easily dealing with new issues and challenges as they came along). Although it was an incredibly challenging job, Enrique completed all of the work in one day -- removing all of the clogs in my pipes -- fully restoring my plumbing to perfect working condition. Enrique was kind, courteous and professional -- and he cleaned-up all of the mess that was made during the process or clearing the pipes, and getting my bathrooms back into working order. If and when I experience plumbing problems in the future, my first call will always be to Enrique at Duncan Plumbing. And for those who find themselves in need of a plumber (in the Santa Cruz area), I strongly recommend that you call Duncan Plumbing, and request the help of Enrique.