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Ashley B.

Ashley B. Job Checkin

Commercial Keg Cooler Repair. A client faced an urgent issue with its commercial keg cooler, impacting their ability to maintain the ideal beer serving temperature. Our experienced repair team quickly responded and determined that a clogged refrigerant line was hindering the cooler's cooling performance. We promptly addressed the problem by clearing the clog in the refrigerant line and recharging the system to ensure efficient cooling. With the cooler now operating at its full potential, the client could resume serving cold beers to their customers, enhancing the overall beer-tasting experience in their establishment.

Service C.

Service C. Job Checkin

Checked Cleveland steamer unit, water running only when plugged in. Fill valve had 120v to solenoid, traced to blow down or 3 minute interval timer. Also noticed filer and scale stick were way out of date, they wanted replaced. I replaced both and tested for leaks. none present. Will obtain timer and return. Disconnected blue wire from timer, no power to fill valve and no water running. Unit operational but requires parts. 01/14/2019 Removed old timer and replaced with new. Tested unit, flushed for 3 minutes then shut off. Turned unit on then shut down, flushed for 3 minutes then shut down. Unit is operational, job complete.

Service C.

Service C. Job Checkin

Water system heavily calcified for Manitowoc ice machine. Ran cleaner through ice thickness probe not getting clean. Also bin switch not completing consistently. Will order replacements. 8/11/17 Replaced thickness probe and bin switch. Verified 3 good batches. Unit producing properly.