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Mark B.

Mark B. Job Checkin

Arrived at location on 7/28/22 - Zach met me and walked to other end of building. Located Labconco glass washer. Had Zach call maintenance and wait for power to be shut off to unit as it is hardwired. Turned water off to unit and pulled unit out from under counter. Removed back, front ad side panel. Disassembled 4 drain/ water lines to Drain valve. Unbolted drain valve and removed it from machine. This was very time consuming. Once out I installed new drain valve and reconnected water/drain hoses. Put front and rear panels back on and had Zach call maintenance to turn power back on. I turned water back on going to washer, Once power was on Zac and I ran 2 wash cycles to check water flow. Water flow stayed constant and performed as it should inside glass washer cavity. Checked drain valve and hoses for leaks , none present. Glass washer back in service and performing good as per Zac

Service Check-In ..

Service Check-In .. Job Checkin

Service Middleby Conveyor Oven Service Performed 6/24/15 Rich B 24v to module. 24v to PV but 15v to mv. 120v to solenoid. Checked all wires. No broken wires. Check gas pressure. Gas going to valve, but no pilot gas coming out. Need new gas valve. Will obtain and return. 7/9/15 Rich B Installed new gas valve. Turn on gas. No leaks. Turn on. Unit fires on. Heated to set temp of 485. Let cycle few times & ok. Back in service.