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Left fryer - found receptacle bad in the wall and plug overheated not getting all 3 phases of electric. found element wiring burnt up and contactors not working. I did repair the element wires. I will obtain new contactors and return. customer will get an electrician to replace the receptacle and plug. 9/30/19 Replaced the contactors. found one heat element heats OK and the other only gets voltage on one element loop and no voltage on the other loops. unit was previously wired wrong and will need rewired. also found left element has a bad element. I will obtain part and return. will have to trace and label /rewire. I will return. 10/4/19 Returned and repaired wiring in the contactor box. I checked ops all heat elements are working and unit is ready to use. customer still needs an electrician to replace burnt up receptacle and plugs at the wall. unit is ready to use