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After replacing probe, turned Combi Oven unit on, started heating right away before powering up. removed back cover, have amp draw at elements as soon as unit is plugged in. removed wiring to elements, checked all elements for opens, shorts, all check out ok. checked and found both heat contactor and latch contactor failing. was able to get heat contactor to pull out and was able to check operation of unit, will order new contractors. unit is NOT safe for operation. unit is down. 2-11-19 Arrived, slid unit over to access left side. removed access panel. dropped down latch contactor, label wires. found new contactor is too large to fit into same spot. correct part number was ordered (60127) but received wrong number (60128). will obtain correct parts and return, 2-13-19 Unit was off. spun unit 90 degrees on table to perform work. removed old contractors and replaced with new. wire for wire. reassembled unit and reinstalled in original location. tested unit. unit preheated. okay for use