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Ashley B.

Ashley B. Job Checkin

Commercial Kitchen Appliance Repair: Faced issues with clogged spray nozzles in the dishwasher, leading to inefficient cleaning. Cleaned the spray nozzles thoroughly, ensuring effective dishwashing performance.

Mark B.

Mark B. Job Checkin

Arrived at location on 6/8/22 - Checked unit against wall on counter found motor has flat spot in windings. Gave a push and it moved up. Then only went half way down. Motor is bad. Spoke to Pam she is ok with replacing it. Gave her price for motor and approx 1hour labor. Unit is down requires part. Returned to location on 6/15/22 - Removed basket bushing from inside. Removed motor and installed new one. Put nylon bushing on shaft to inside unit. Wired in. Didn’t have enough oil to bring unit to temp. Spoke to Pam and she said to just test motor. Did so by pushing in limit switch. Motor did a 360:and back to switch then shut off. Unit is operational job complete. Wires behind back panel are for ansel system..