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Mark B.

Mark B.

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Arrived at location on 2/2/22 - Checked the top oven and power on and left blower is spinning very slowly and then shuts off on thermostat overload. Checked and have 205 vac to the blower motor. Right blower is ok. Need new blower and CCW blower wheel. Got part numbers and prices from Terri and ok per customer to order and repair and also wants a call to set up a time in early am to do the repair. Left blower finally did come on once it heated up enough to get it to turn faster. Burner on and heating. Will return. No other problems. Returned to location on 2/9/22 - Arrived at location and met with owner John, oven was partially taken apart when arrived. Cut off shaft to the blower wheel, took out old motor. Installed new motor into oven with old blower wheel. Put oven completely back together. Turned oven on, everything is working properly. Let heat up to proper temperature (530Degrees) for half hour. Oven working good. Oven is ready for use.