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Mark B.

Mark B.

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Arrived at location on 4/1/22 - Checked over unit and found that the 20a fuse was blown for mag circuit. Unit had an active F3 error code as well. Pulled apart and swapped out fuse. Tested all components and found that the K2 anode relay was burnt on terminals and showed a lot of signs of arcing. Replaced fuse and went to test. I wanted to confirm due to the readings I got on the capacitors which indicated they were open on the .91 microfarad side of them. Unit popped fuse and showed F3 error again. We will need to acquire parts and return to replace. I know the one part is a tough one to get but at this point the unit is down and we need it. Returned to location on 4/4/22 - Installed new parts that were ordered for unit. Swapped out and let unit heat up to temp. After warmup period I had customer run product in. Verified all operation and unit is working good at this time.