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Mark B.

Mark B.

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Arrived at location on 5/5/22 - kitchen was at 84 degrees. Compressor was encased in ice like it was getting liquid flood back. Went to air handler in attic and found unit running but A-Coil was encapsulated in ice. This was restricting airflow which was causing the flood back. Turned heat on to thaw out coil quicker. As it was draining I noticed that drain was backing up. Blew out with CO2 and it cleared some debris out. Once coil was defrosted I cycled unit on and monitored pressures and supply/return temperatures. Found that pressures were low for current ambient temperature. Used manufacturer psychometric chart and added 2lbs of 410A refrigerant. Performed leak test with electronic leak detector and could find none at air handler or condensor. It appeared some work was performed on it and I am uncertain that correct charge was placed in. Room began dropping in temp and it will take some time for it to reach setpoint. I spoke with Jessica about the current temp setting