1833 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA 17103
(717) 236-9039

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Mark B.

Mark B.

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Arrived at location on 3/14/23 - The left-hand oven will not heat. Found the pilot holds but the main burner does not kick on. Confirmed the gas valve is in the on position. Turned on the thermostat but it will not read temp and therefore will not open the gas valve. Will need to replace the thermostat. Noticed soot buildup in the oven and asked Terry about it. He said they have increased the frequency with which they clean it up to monthly. Advised a cleaning at least once a week. The left oven is not operational at this time. Returned to location on 3/20/23 - Removed cap tube from inside oven and pulled up through oven top. Removed front cover and knobs. Removed old thermostat. Put the new one in place and fed the cap tube through the channel and down into the oven. Put in the bracket. Fastened the thermostat down and finished putting back together. Brought to 350 and let cycle several times. The unit is operational and the job is complete.