1833 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA 17103
(717) 236-9039

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Mark B.

Mark B.

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Arrived at location on 4/28/22 - Found the unit half full of water. Filled with water to the line and turned on. Found the thermostat is off by at least 25 degrees. Turned the calibration screw so the control would shut off when the water was boiling at 100 degrees Celsius. Need to obtain a new thermostat. Could not test further because the lack of oil in the unit. Returned to location on 5/3/22 - Found the fryer empty. Disassembled and removed the defective thermostat and installed a new one. Reassembled and filled with oil. Tested the unit. Found the calibration a hair low. Bumped the temperature up so the unit shuts off at about 320 degrees F or 160 degrees C.