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Checked out proofer. bottom portion is proofer. customer had product in on arrival. waited til completed. customer has pan of water on bottom of proofer so can use. found that fan motor spins inside cavity. removed back panel. have 214 volts to unit. have 2.5 amp draw on each leg of elements. removed water line from humidity valve. have water into valve. removed cover inside cavity to get at water nozzle. checked have no clogs. checked and have voltage into solenoid valve but not letting water through. unit needs new valve. got part number. Will order through shop and return. unit is in service. 3/13/19 arrived on site to repair Duke Proofer. accessed rear of unit. removed rear panel and proceeded to replace water solenoid valve. replaced valve. brought proofer into operation. allowed unit to preheat temperature of 105°. initiated proof cycle at 80% for 1 hour. checked for water leaks - none present. allowed proofer to operate for a period of time ensuring proper operation. proofer in