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matt@totalairinc.net Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed maintenance on all 4 systems, inspected electrical components, pressures, coils and drain lines. Replaced all filters for the 4 systems. UV lights and surge protectors working properly. Left systems in working order.

Kyle C.

Kyle C. Job Checkin

Air Knight UV replacement cell Installed 3UV\ionizer systems. Please note one unit retention bolt had to be sheared off due to detachment and spinning free could not remove module without informed homeowner and taped unit up no faults other than this these units are operational at this time

Justin A.

Justin A. Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed maintenance on 4 systems. Cycled in heat and cool mode. Inspected systems electrical components, coils, pressures, changed filters, and cleared drain lines. The 3 units upstairs have us lights and the bulbs are burnt out. Mentioned this issue and we need to get a quote and send over how much it would be to replace the bulbs. All 4 surge protectors are working. Left system in good working order.


raiko@totalairinc.net Job Checkin

Upon arrival found that the compressor for system 1 had over heated and opened the internal safety. I inspected all electrical components and cooled down the compressor. Performed starry up and noticed that the system was going into a vacuum. After further testing and verifying with Jason we concluded to replace the TXV. Called Totaline, TXV info on pinned notes. Materials: 8 lbs R410A. TXV Recovery machine and tank. Extra nitrogen( Refrigerant circuit must be flushed properly). 1 tech 4 or more hours labor.


raiko@totalairinc.net Job Checkin

Performed system tune up in 4 split systems. Inspected all electrical components and found no issues. Capacitors are in range. Coils are clean. UV systems are not operational and I highly recommend replacing the expired bulbs to improve air quality. I provided info to the office on my last visit to acquire them. Please Contact customer with pricing on replacing the cores 20 minutes per unit labor, 4 units. Flushed all drains with nitrogen. Left all systems in good working order. Note: please contact costumer next week for TAPS renewal.