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When I arrive at this customers house, she said that her float switch didn’t work and the drain line was so backed up. It was overflowing first I verified that the float switch worked. It did cut the system off and then it cut it back on. I tested it a couple times, then I vacuumed the water out of the drain line and I used my gallo gun with a CO2 cartridge and I blew out the drain line. I’ve then followed up with a mixture of triple D and hot, hot water out of the faucet and pour it down the drain line, and it did not back up on further inspection, the main drain line where it connects to the PVC piping coming out of the air handler was not glued so I put some PVC glue around it and stuck it on securing it. I also secured the drain line so it would not move up and down with zip ties to the side of the air handler , I poured 10 gallons of water, hot water down her drain line and it did not back up. This customer had to leave but before she did, she asked me to pour some bleach down t