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Arionna L.

Arionna L. Job Checkin

Called out today to perform a precision tune up on two units. <br> <br> Checked all electronics and motor components to ensure equipment is operating within manufacture specifications.<br> <br> Replaced all filters provided by the client. <br> <br> Unit #2 drain line was heavily clogged. Cleared both drain lines with solvent followed by hot water.<br> <br> Outside I removed the fans from the condenser and cleaned the coils from the inside out. <br> <br> Unit #2 compressor was pulling high amperage. These machines are coming up on the end of its expected life span. Educated client on my findings and told her to expect to replace these systems within the upcoming years. <br> <br> Vacuumed drain line clear from outside port.<br> <br> Pure air germicidal lights are operating properly.<br> <br> There is one more visit remaining on this years maintenance agreement.<br> <br> Thank you for always choosing Total Air!

Antonio D.

Antonio D. Job Checkin

Upon arrival condenser operational air handler was not. Tech tested tstats (nest and Honeywell), no faults. Tech tested Honeywell zone control. Zone control passing only 14v. Tech deenergized zone control panel and reenergized. Zone control panel reset and operated correctly. As this is an internal intermittent fault occurring in zone control recommend replacement. Informed client, client requesting pricing. Office to follow up with pricing and availability. Unit is operational at this time.

Kyle C.

Kyle C. Job Checkin

Completed system tune up on all systems. Checked pressures, volts, amps and all electrical components. Checked evaporator coil. Cleared drain lines. Replaced burnt contactor in system #2. Reached all air filters in home. Left systems in good working order.

Justin A.

Justin A. Job Checkin

Upon arrival found system leaking water. On inspection found area of concern and made a minor repair. On further inspection found that the system was low on refrigerant. Added 2 pounds of 410a refrigerant. Also recommended on replacing the weak dual run capacitor. We moved forward with all repairs. Cleared drain line and drain pan. Cleaned up as much water as possible around the air handler. Recommended on placing a fan in the return to dry up some of the wood. Left system in good working order.