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St. Petersburg, FL 33714

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Nathan R.

Nathan R. Job Checkin

Customer wants to add (3) returns. Each room needs a return. Customer also needs a supply vent in the kitchen moved. The kitchen was just redone and a cabinet is blocking the grille. I will add a material list to build an estimate. I have added photos of locations for ducting. If customer moves forward with duct modifications we will refund the price of the service call fee.

Tom L.

Tom L. Job Checkin

Upon arrival to compressor replacement we walked up to the C/U on the roof. <br> Uninstalled C/U compressor and removed from unit. <br> Reinstalled new LG compressor and brazed into place. Nitrogen tested at 400psig, vacuumed system down to 500microns. <br> Added 10 pounds of R410a refrigerant, and cycled the unit in cooling mode to ensure proper function. Took temperature readings and had a 20 degree delta T. System is now operating within range of factory specifications.

Casey S.

Casey S. Job Checkin

Performed preventative maintenance <br> Located air handler in closet<br> Inspected and tightened electrical. Inspected evaporator coil. Inspected uv light. Cleared drain line and drain pan. Calibrated and tested thermostat. Cycled heating. Inspected heat functions being a gas Furnace. Took amperage of indoor blower motor. Inspected blower wheel. Cycled cooling. Tested float safety switch. Took temperature difference.<br> Located condenser on roof.<br> Cleared debris from condenser housing. Inspected and tightened electrical. Checked capacitor. Checked refrigerant levels. Took amperage of compressor and outdoor motor.<br> System operating to factory standard.

Tom L.

Tom L. Job Checkin

2nd floor<br> Upon arrival customer told me the ac is stuck in heat. I found the reversing valve bad and needs to be replaced. Please call customer with availability and if it is not or is under warranty

Tom L.

Tom L. Job Checkin

Upon arrival customer told me the ac was not working. The indoor and out fan are running. I checked the capacitor and it is in good readings. The compressor was not running at all. Evan no amps. The compressor is steaming hot. The compressor needs to be replaced. The condenser is on the roof above the 15th floor. Customer is located on the 8th floor. Please call customer with availability please

Antonio D.

Antonio D. Job Checkin

Capacitor failed, replaced.

Bryan F.

Bryan F. Job Checkin

Found nest shutting off due to clogged drain line tripping float switch. Blew out with nitrogen, then vacuumed and flushed with cleaner. Checked system operation. Left system in good working order