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Office, customer added additional system and paid. Please mark 2 system TAP. Also materials added Turbo 200 capacitor Maintenance Performed Today- Filter sizes- 18-24-1 , 20-20-1, 18-20-1 Filter Condition- replaced all 3 Unit age- 2018/19 Unit condition- both are good Thermostat- Honeywell On arrival found the following- customer has two split units. second system added onto membership plan. Performed system maintenance on both units, replaced 3 filters, checked electrical components, cleared and flushed drain line/pump. Gathered temperatures and some refrigerant levels. Both units have a locking cap stuck on the service port. The American standard unit capacitor was very low on the fan side. Customer agreed to replace with new Turbo 200. This unit also has biological growth inside the cabinet. Our Pure air UVC germicidal will help mitigate growth and includes a clean in place on the evaporator coil. Indoor Unit- Blower amps- 1.58 and 1.34 Blower Capacitor- NA Blower Type-EC