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Materials Added: Turbo 200 capacitor (Warranty Price) Perform system maintenance on 10-year-old unit. Resealed indoor panel, cleared and flushed drain line, checked electrical components, and refrigerant levels. Customer recently had a clogged drain and was able to get it free on his own. Flushed drain line 2 times. It is draining properly however there is still some buildup in the line and estimate has been added to perform a chemical treatment. The outdoor condenser has been bumped by a lawnmower, and there is a kink in the suction line. To fully repair the kink we would have to pump the system down, cut the copper lines move the condenser and re-braze the unit with new copper. Based on the age of the system and how it is performing, I suggest investing that towards a new system. This repair would roughly cost around $1000. The outdoor capacitor was also 9 to 10% below factory range. Turbo 200 is under warranty and was replaced with labor charge only. Left unit working and in ha