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Tony P.

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Semi Annual membership 2 systems. Upon arrival to the scheduled system maintenance, was informed the air handlers were in the closets and condenser units are on the roof. I pulled off the panel door to the indoor units and inspected all electrical components connections inside the air handlers, collected amp draw and voltage readings off electrical equipment, and check the units for cleanliness. The air handlers unit have started to accumulate some bio growth and will continue to get worse. The UV bulbs should be replaced to help keep the indoor units clean including the indoor coils and produce better indoor air quality. The upstairs thermostat had been giving intermittent issues, homeowner has the new thermostats we left behind and was informed to replace it at no cost for them. The evaporator coils and blower fan wheels are clean. The temperature splits are 20 degrees in cooling mode and within normal range on both units. Checked and tightened all electrical components to make sure