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Matt F.

Matt F. Job Checkin

Performed service diagnostic. Diagnostic found that the system was operational and was cooling. The bedroom that was not cooling was well was getting cool air however the window faces the sun from the early afternoon through sunset. I completed my diagnostic and found that the system is low on refrigerant. Options for repair were presented to the customer and they chose to have the system charged with refrigerant. 3lbs of R-410A was added to the system and is cooling at 8.7 degrees of sub cooling.

Omar H.

Omar H. Job Checkin

Performed inspection. I found that the outdoor capacitor has failed. I presented the customer with repair options, and they chose to have the capacitor replaced today. Completed repairs and system is now operational.

Max  B.

Max B. Job Checkin

After performing the diagnostic, I found that the primary drain line was backed up and tripping the safety float switch. I also found that the battery capacitor was bad. I called the landlord and presented him with his options. He chose to have them both replaced at this time. Repairs completed and system is operational.