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Omar H.

Omar H. Job Checkin

Performed diagnostic. I found that the zone control board has failed and was short cycling the system. I presented the customer with options to repair, and he chose to have it replaced at this time. I replaced the zone control board and cycled the thermostat. System is operational at this time. I suggested that the customer keep the filter out of the system until tomorrow morning and once the house cools down, they can reinstall it.

Elijah D.

Elijah D. Job Checkin

On arrival, the Côr thermostat had shutoff. Inspected the primary drain system and found that the emergency water safety switch was tripped, turning off power to the cooling system. Removed water from safety device and flushed and treated the primary drain line. Homeowners have extended the drain line from the side of the house to the backyard. I flushed around 8-10 gallons of water to ensure proper drainage of system. Added a drain treatment to the primary drain line and drain pan. Ensured system was operational prior to leaving. Also adjusted thermostat programming to turn off the schedule function. Talked about installing a different thermostat, since the Côr thermostat is not the easiest to use. Everything is working at this time. Walked Mr. Slater through everything I did today and showed him how to properly flush the drain line out since his drainage system is at a longer length.

Elijah D.

Elijah D. Job Checkin

On arrival, I found that the indoor blower would not run. Bypassed zone system and tested motor at plugs. Found the proper high and low voltage being delivered to the motor, however motor would not run. Installed new indoor X13 blower motor. Inspected all Performance, Mechanical and Safety Systems. Verified everything was operating within the manufacture’s specifications for operation. Everything is working at this time.

Matt F.

Matt F. Job Checkin

Trip 1 - Performed service diagnostic. Diagnostic found that the blower motor has failed. Options for repair were presented to customer and they chose to have the motor replaced. We will return once part is received to complete repairs. Trip 2 - Repair was completed. System was function checked. The system was running at the time of departure.

Max  B.

Max B. Job Checkin

New furnace control board was installed. Condenser fan motor was replaced. System was running at the time of departure.

George T.

George T. Job Checkin

Performed diagnostic and found outdoor voltage enhancement system failure. Presented customer with options and they have chosen to move forward with repairs. New voltage enhancement system has been installed, secured, and tested. System operational.

Max  B.

Max B. Job Checkin

When I arrived, I found that the electric heat strips were staying on constantly. After performing further diagnostics, I also found that the voltage enhancer to the air movement system was undervalued (supposed to be 7.5 but only reading 3.9). I presented the customer with his options and he chose to have it repaired at the gold level. After performing the gold level repair on the electrical relays everything is coming on and working properly. I did inform the customer that the blower motor is in poor condition and running a little hot. He told me that they are going to keep an eye on it and when it fails, he will have us come back and replace it. The system is older and in poor condition.

Chase R.

Chase R. Job Checkin

Found system low on refrigerant. Performed basic leak search and could not find a leak. Charged system with R-410A.