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Wade H.

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Was scheduled to go out to customers at 5 o'clock. GPS said I would not get there before 535. Saw customers know where they would not be available after 6. Called customer to see if it would still be OK for us to come and customer has chosen to reschedule for Thursday or Friday. Would like a call from the office to schedule time schedule time for service. Arrived at customer's house for System not cooling enough. On arrival customer showed me to air handler unit. Put thermal probe on supply and unit was creating excellent Delta T. Next looked inside the cabinet and the cabinet was clean. looked under evaporator coil and evaporator coil was also clean. Filters inside were clean. Next went to condenser unit And hooked up gauges. All pressures and readings are of acceptable range. Contact or sending proper voltage. Capacitor within acceptable range. Vacuumed out drain line. Unit is performing excellent. Went inside and got temperature readings from 3 warmest rooms. All rooms were prod