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Upon arrival checked motors. electrical components, and pressures. Cleared drain line and added Nubrite to system. DeltaT had 20 degree split. Drain line missing cap so replaced from kit 1. When I first walked up customer mentioned she hasn't been home for couple days and Tstat just went blank. First I reset breakers for AH and CU. Unit came back on after delay and I continued tune up. I replaced failing capacitor with Turbo 200 and signed customer up for TAPS. DURING INSTALLATION OF CAP AND START UP THE TSTAT WENT BLANK AGAIN SND IMMEDIATELY I KNEW IT WAS FLOAT SWITCH AND INVESTIGATED FURTHER. Started raining hard outside making it difficult to go to CU. I "broke red" and unit came back on and system started to cool. I continued maintenanceing a overheated common wire connected to capacitor and replaced. Also, the disconnect box had broken prong on right side causing issues of electrical flow. I screwed prong back in, yet customer not interested in adding $$$ to in