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Arrived at customers house for system check. On a rival customer showed me to air handler in closet. Customer initially expressed me concerns about dust getting to evaporator coil. Took off filter and inspected face of evaporator coil and evaporator coil did have some coverage on it. Customer asked if I could clean off a bed. Took brush and got as much solid material out of evaporator coil as I could. Customer was pleased. Next I check Delta T and delta T was of satisfactory range. Blower wheel also had some dust on it. Suggested electronic filter to customer. Customer would like estimate sent. Next time I upstairs to the condenser. Outside air condenser clearly look aged. Hooked up gauges and system was showing acceptable pressures and readings. Capacitor was within acceptable range. Contactor was sending proper voltage. Unit was over a on Startup. Brought this to customers attention and suggested a hard start kit. Customer agreed to have hard start kit install. After installing hard