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Wade H.

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Arrived at this customers house they have a package unit for the downstairs and we just installed the new split system for the upstairs. They were saying that the package unit started having problems yesterday they said it would stop cooling. When I got here I turn the system on and the system was cooling. I had 51° supply and 73 degree return. Miss Miller called her husband, and said that it would kick on and cool, but then it would shut off. I went outside and I inspected the unit. When I turned the unit off water started flooding out of the blower section where the drain pan is. The blower was clean, but the drain pan had a lot of buildup in it and there was a Small piece of a brick that was in the drain pan where the water would exit and go out the drain line. The drain line was not trapped. Mrs. Miller would tell me that she could hear the drain line gurgling sometimes or bubbling. I cleaned out the drain pan removed all the germicidal growth and debris that was in the drain pan A