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Hunter C.

Hunter C.

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I performed a winter time maintenance on your HVAC equipment. Today, I arrived on site and went to the site location where the indoor unit is located. The indoor unit is in the attic and it is an air handler. It services the upstairs area of your home. I replaced the Respicare filter today, and it is sized at 18x20. The indoor coil is in good condition and clean. Next, I went to the side of the house where the outdoor unit is located. It is a heat pump and the outdoor coil is also in good condition and clean. I cleaned it today. I tested and inspected several electrical components on your equipment, and they are all working properly within the manufacturers recommended specs and amperages. These components include the blower motor, heat strip kit, condenser fan motor, compressor, compressor run capacitor, fan run capacitor, contactor, and electrical wiring. There were no electrical components that were found to be not working properly or not within the manufacturers recommended specs a