Automated Checkin Smart Reminders

by Cian Chang on January 10, 2023

We are proud to announce our new automated checkin and review request smart reminders. Sit back knowing your team will be prompted if they forget to checkin, including a recommendation to include any photo that was taken at the job location.

We avoid the annoying, dumb, scheduled nag, which your team would learn to ignore. Our machine learning applies the latest mobile location and motion capabilities, company and user preferences, and individual user behavior over time to trigger reminders only when it’s likely a new job has begun. Not when your employees are at home, or at the office. Not while they are in motion. Not outside office hours or on holidays. And not over and over again while they are still working the same job.

You can enable automated checkin reminders at the account level and tweak it for individual members. You control whether your team is reminded at every new likely job location, and you can cap the number of reminders per day, set the minimum distance between job locations, and set a minimum time between notifications.

Set geofences around reminder silent areas such as your home offices, the food court where your team likes to get lunch, the warehouse where they pick up supplies between jobs, employee homes (for each team member), or any other location you know for a fact shouldn’t be considered a valid job location. And set your hours of operation to make sure that reminders only happen during the workday, whenever that is for your company, with the ability for individual team members to tweak their personal hours to reflect vacations and other differences from the company’s overall schedule.

This feature is available today for iOS App users of any paying Nearby Now account. We’ll be expanding it to include your Android App users soon. Please bear in mind that each user will need to update to at least version 6 of the Nearby Now iOS App to take advantage of these features.

Nearby Now Checkin Reminder

Ready to get started?

To take advantage, login with an admin user to your SEO Pro or SEO Master Nearby Now account. Go to COMPANY > Account Settings > Advanced and go to Checkin & Review Reminder Notifications to turn it on now.

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