Spot-On for Google Business Profile

by Cian Chang on August 04, 2022

We are proud to announce a simple way for you to convert even more of your customer review opportunities to exactly the right Google Business Profiles for each of your locations.

Spot-On for Google on top of our Intelligent Review Routing (learn more) will automatically route any potential Google reviewer to your Google Business Profile that is closest to them. As always, whether to review and what to say is in entirely in the hands of your customer, but no longer will potential reviewers drop out because they need to pick and choose among multiple possible Google location profiles. Or will you miss out on the full range of reviews you could earn because you have to choose one, and only one, of your location profiles at which to collect reviews.

You define which of your verified Google Business Profiles to include. Then we will automatically send any potential Google reviewer to the one that is physically closest to them.

What if the closest location is not always the right choice? We handle that, too!

For example, take a plumber that has three locations in the San Francisco Bay area. Alameda, serving Oakland and the East Bay area. San Bruno, serving San Francisco and the north end of the West Bay area. And Sunnyvale, serving San Jose, the south end of the West Bay area, and points south.

Just relying on which Google location is closest is not enough, since parts of North San Francisco, for example, are closer to Alameda than to San Bruno. And parts of Hayward are closer to Sunnyvale than to Alameda. And parts of San Carlos are closer to San Bruno than to Sunnyvale. Our city overrides make it easy for you to ensure that potential reviewers end up at the right Google location profile even if another profile is closer, simply by defining an optional list of cities that always refer to a particular location. Even if another location is physically closer.

Not quite sure where those in-between areas fall? Simply right click on any part of the map, and we’ll instantly tell you which Google location is closest. And we tell you the city name, too, just in case you need to setup a city exception.

Spot-on for Google Business Profile

This makes sure your reviews end up at the right profile for your real world service area. Not just what an algorithm says is closest.

Spot-On for Google and Intelligent Review Routing (learn more) are included with every SEO Master subscription to Nearby Now. You automatically get up to three Google locations, and up to 10 city overrides for each location. Want more? Please contact us at

How do you take advantage?

SEO Master level subscribers can take advantage today. Please make sure you already have your Google Business Profile(s) setup by logging into the admin portal, go to ADVANCED > Google Business Profile > Activation/Settings. Once you have the Google Business Profile integration activated, just login to the admin portal, go to COMPANY > Account Settings > Survey, scroll down to Spot-On for Google Location Reviews and click on + Manage Spot-On for Google to begin setting up your locations.

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