Track Organic Keywords in Google Search

by Cian Chang on March 19, 2024

We are proud to announce the launch of Google organic search Rank Tracking from Nearby Now! This follows close on the heels of our GeoGrids Google Maps keyword tracking and our Agency Prospect GeoGrids version of GeoGrids.

The company that figured out how to turn your local work into local rankings, brings you yet another way to track your business everywhere you should rank!

Rank Tracking enables you to setup organic search tracking for your business, using any location you choose as the search origin. Each keyword you create will automatically begin tracking how your business ranks in Google organic search on a weekly basis. From the critical local perspective of the selected search origin location. Each time your keyword runs, you'll have a full history of your rankings for that search for this time, and every other time, that search was updated. Keyword groups will help you keep things organized as you monitor your performance into the future.

In addition to monitoring your rankings, each search will also return the full top 100 results for that search. So you can see how you stack up against others ranking for the same searches. This enables you to see which businesses are ranking above and below you for your targeted keywords.

You're not limited to creating Rank Tracking for your own business. You can create a tracked keyword for your competitors and track their rankings independently. This is a great way to track ranking movement for the businesses you compete with.

And we're offering Rank Tracking in simple bundles with our GeoGrids. Full access to all Rank Tracking and GeoGrid features at the Private Investigator level costs $14 /month for 400 keywords and ten 9x9 GeoGrids as an add-on to an SEO Pro or SEO Master subscription. See our pricing page for details on the plans we are offering.

Rank Tracking Account Overview Page

Finally, coming soon: we will be enhancing rank tracking to show not just the organic search results, but also the paid search results and the Map Pack results for that same search.

How do you take advantage?

To access the promotional tracked keywords, sign up for Nearby Now at either the SEO Pro or SEO Master level, then have an admin user login to your business account and go to Rank Tracking > Keywords to setup the sample tracked keyword.

To jump right into any of the paid plans for full access to all Rank Tracking (and GeoGrid) features and to unlock your agency discount, have the account owner login to any paying client account and go to Rank Tracking > Activation/Settings to purchase the Rank Tracking and GeoGrids bundle that makes sense for you.

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