Comprehensive Metrics for Your Google Business Profile(s)

by Cian Chang on March 07, 2023

We are proud to announce the most comprehensive suite of Google Business Profile metrics available anywhere outside of Google itself. Every metric is available for every location you setup, whether you have only one Google Business Profile each, or many.

Nearby Now Review Trend Reports

And all this is on top of a wide range of features built on Google’s APIs, designed to help you get the most reputation and ranking value possible out of your Google Business Profile(s).

Intelligent Review Routing, which offers industry leading response rates for Google reviews. Comprehensive Google review reporting, including alerts not just about new reviews but also about updates to existing reviews. Spot-On for Google, which enables you to automatically target review generation results to exactly the right Google location, if you have more than one. BizReal Google Post Automation, which makes it easy to keep your Google Business Profile fresh from your great supply of relevant recent checkins. And Google Post features that enable you to use checkins as source material for new Google posts, including our Google Post Scheduler which enables you to setup delayed publishing for future posts.

And all of this works seamlessly with the ability to integrate multiple Google Business Profiles with a single Nearby Now account with up to three included at no additional charge, saving you time, saving you effort, and a saving you a lot of money.

The Company Pulse provides a top view of the last two months of data aggregated across all your integrated locations, including:

  • a keyword cloud;
  • a list of the top 50 keywords;
  • month-over-month charts showing:
    • desktop maps impressions;
    • desktop search impressions;
    • mobile maps impressions; mobile search impressions;
    • conversations;
    • direction requests;
    • call clicks; and
    • website clicks.

And behind each of the charts in the Company Pulse lies comprehensive reporting (just click the View Report link). The deep dive keyword reports enable you to view the data by month, and the metrics reports by day. To save reports for later review, schedule them to be sent automatically to distribution lists you define on a regular schedule you prefer, share them via link as you see fit, or download them in CSV or PDF form. And to filter the reports by Google location if you have more than one location profile integrated.

How do you take advantage?

SEO Master level accounts can take advantage today. If you have one or more Google Business Profile integrated with Nearby Now, just login to the client account with an admin user, and go to COMPANY > Reports> Dashboard and click the Google tab to get started.

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